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Thanks to ACADEMY PET TAXI service, call a taxi for minutes with your cat or dog, or do not have to try to find time to take him to the vet.


ACADEMY telephone numbers are  0533 4419888 or 0312.4419888, you call your private PET taxi cab, it comes to your door within half an hour, and takes you and your cute friend where you want, waits, and it takes you back.



ACADEMY PET TAXI literally offers freedom of movement to your cute friends and you.

 You need to take your cute friend to the vet, care. But you do not have the possibility to call a taxi or give a lift. Most of the taxi services already don’t want to take pets. We provide you ACADEMY PET TAXI by our specially equipped vehicles and trained taxi driver and save your time and take you anywhere you want. Moreover, from the moment you call the phone number 4419888 we come to your door within an hour of by a specially equipped taxi. ACADEMY PET TAXI provide service every day of the week and 24 hours a day.


With ACADEMY PET TAXI service we offer a very specific service that will help you to save time in the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life.


For example, your cats or dogs are taken by the ACADEMY PET taxi vehicles and are brought back even if you are not with them. Let's say, you want to have your dog vaccinated but do not have no time for it. After you call ACADEMY PET TAXI from 441988,8 officer takes your cute friend from your address, checking into veterinary vaccines and deliver it back to you. Likewise to be more cute, your cat or dog can be even sent to a private hairdresser.


Your cat or dog is delivered with the desired location with you or without you by ACADEMY PET TAXI vehicles. Among the services offered,  your cute friend is taken from home, transported to the desired location, and brought back, and brougt to you from anywhere you want. In addition, the needs of your pet are taken from "Pet Shop"  and delivered to you is also among our services.


Between cities and even overseas services are among our services include.


We make everything to make your life easier with your cute friend...

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