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Our training center has continue its training, hotel and clinical services from 1997 to this day, for you and your fellow. 


Our little friends will be taken from your home within your request and released back into your home.


All in their own room in the hostel, they remain single and run freely in the navigation area individually.


Our friendly staff show concern and compassion for your friends not to feel your absence.


Premium quality dry-fed and are in 24-hour veterinary control.


Their rooms are ventilated and climated.


All of them have separate disinfected food and water containers for their health care.


In addition to daily, weekly, monthly disinfection programs for their rooms, we also use  radiation sterilization methods.


Our small friends are not allowed in the hotel who are younger than 3 months old and who has no Karma, corona virus, Bordetella, rabies vaccines, which practices no internal and external parasites vaccines.


During the day time walking facilities are provided.


According to the climatic conditions they sunbath in the open rooms during the day. They enjoy nature and green.


As we are the oldest active business in Ankara, we offer the most established and experienced services for animal lovers. 


Our facility has the most wide promenade and green areas to accept our fellow 7 days.

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