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Veterinarian and Dog Training Expert Bülent Olgaçer who was working with experts in the positive dog training area based on motivation at  Academy Dog Training Center, attended training in Hungary in 2002 and deserved and got his internationally recognized, dog training experts and dog trainers, teachers diploma as the result of his successful examinations given by internationally known experts.


He has tried to follow all the developments through training and seminars he attended in Romania, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Germany. 


Since 1997, our organization specializes in basic , advanced , remote obedience, people, field, object protection problems solving and puppy training. We are aware that each dog has its distinive character and we prepare tarining programs appropriate to their individual characters. Dog training is called the mind to walk on , sit, down, stay , etc. It returns commands. However, education is not just about them. Training starts when the puppy leaves his/her mother and begins to live with us. We have to begin their Socialization ; by satisfaying their curiosity about different places, objects , people , dogs and other creatures to recognize , providing them gaining their self reliance and make them feel comfortable and safe with everything. Just as our children,  we need to start our efforts to increase our dogs trainig performance by discovering their interest and ability to facilitate our common life. The most important thing is to ensure that we have to prevent his/her permanent negative behaviors that can complicate our lives from the beginnig of their training.


Dog owners complain that they can not take the time to study, showing the intensity of the work excuse. However, efficiently used short period of time allows us to have positive performance if we use the right techniques. By a program for the solution of the problems you have with your dog in your life can be applied together or you can leave your dog to Academy when you miss his/her and has time, you can attend the training and  you can be together every time you miss. If you want to be with your dog all through the day of his/her training, you can stay with us all the day and participate in different activities and meet other dog owners and spend a pleasant time. At the Academy, we are training the dogs accompanied with their owners so all the dogs can be together as well and they socialize with other dogs and this is a good solution for the problem of aggression and it can also help to solve other observed problems.

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