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Organization History and Features of Academy

Academy Puppy Dog Training Center was founded by veterinerian and expert dog trainer Bülent Olgaçer in 1997. Since 1997, every kind of service are given such as dog training, dog hotel, preventive medicine services, shave, bath, baby food, pet supplies and other materials have been supplied by our organization. Our organization has the capacity 70 dogs. We make innovations with a professional understanding of keeping in step with the modern developments.

Academy is one of the first licensed active enterprises in Ankara.

In order to minimize your and our friends’ health concerns our center is applied daily, weekly, monthly, disinfection, sterilization. For the dogs having training or guests in our dog hotel we have wide promenade areas and a swimming pool for their exercise needs. Their rooms are heated and cooled according to the climatic conditions. Veterinary health checks carried out by physicians and clinical services are provided throughout the day.

We provide greendogs for Live Search and Rescue, Narcotics and Explosive Canditate Detector Dogs and stud dogs for our Military and Public institutions.

Vehicles, objects and people protection-bodyguard dogs – K9 – and other working dogs are trained and supplied for private security companies, special party and companies.

We also import and supply dog training equipments.

F.C.I. approved pedigree puppies or trained dogs are brought from abroad.

Our own production, certified pedigree puppies are sold.

Akademi Köpek Eğitim Merkezi & Pet Oteli
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