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Bülent Olgaçer CV


I graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine In 1989.

I gave quite hectic pace of clinical services in the Aegean region until 1997.

We had many projects implemented by Italian, French and Canadian veterinarians, and we shared our experience with our mutual visits.

In 1997, I established the Academy Dog Training Center, Hotel, Clinic and Dog Production Center in Çankaya-Ankara.

After attending practical seminars in Budapest-Hungary in 2002, as a result of the theoretical and applied examinations given by the referees, I deserved having my licence which is in the standard of dog trainers teacher approved by the Hungarian Dogs Science Association ( OMSA ) and the International Dog Federation (FCI).

In 2005, I am the Number 23 founder of the Federation Chinlogiqu Internationale, Associate Chinologi of  Romania (Romanian Kennel Club) and Clubul in dressage Canin- Romania (Working Kennel Club-Romania). 

We, organised training seminars, dog breed standards, and dog training competitions (bhschzsund 1-2 -3 place).

In 2008, I attended the Dog Breeds Standard Seminars of the Association of Science Kinelogi and then I realised the activities of creating the dog breed standard assessments and genealogical (pedigree) data bank in Academy Dog Training Center.

Since 2005 Academy Dog Training Center has the distinction of being the only company which produces, trains and supplies working dogs, stud dogs (greendog-explosive and mines, noney, narkotic detector dogs and candidate of trainees search and rescue dogs) and produces K9 to The Police General Directorate of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Department, -Turkish Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs, Affiliates and Chief Directorates-General Directorate of Customs Enforcement, MSB. General Command of Gendarmerie, MSB Air Forces Command, MSB Land Forces Command I train vehicles, objects and people protection-dogs, bomb and narcotics detector dogs for private security companies, make their adaptations to their users. I train dog trainers and handlers.

While doing my job, I'm trying to move beyond the standards of our dog training and pet industry. I prepare an environment especially for dogs to enjoy and, for their owners fell relaxed and take part in the process of training from the beginning to the end.

Puppy training classes; will provide trouble-free life to puppies and they will smoothly pass to their adolescence.

Adult dog school; the public education of dogs carried out with their owners, for owners as well as for dogs, is a kind of social and natural sporty avtivity. It will help the socialization of the dogs, stabilisation of their attitude while being together with their owners, and it will also help to facilitate our common life with them and provide them to obey the routine obedience commands in any environment.

Agility; Our efforts to overcome the obstacles track with our dog allows us to do sports with our dog. Bitework- bodyguards training makes our dogs more self-reliance and therefore it allows us to trust them more in our daily life.With your support, I want to create a liberated area for having social activities with your family members, your friends and your dogs in order to give a pause to your exhausting daily routines, and I also want to create an enviroment for you and for your little friends to do phyusical activities through dog training.

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